Conversations between a guy and a gel

I heard an interesting program from the radio today. That's about how girls and guys think differently. Here are some tips I could still remember.

When a woman says something, she means something else. If you can't response properly, you will lose point.

When a woman says "I am sorry." She is expecting you to apologize, too. So instead of accepting the apology, you should say "I am sorry, too."

When she asks "Do I look fat?" Never say yes! She will be extremely angry if you say so. What she is expecting is "I love you no matter how you look like."

If she says "I am leaving now" in a party, she is challeging you "who is more important, your friends or me?" A wise and considerate guy would say "please stay longer.."

When she says "I am fine." What she really means is "I am angry. It is your job to find out why." She will be touched if you gently say "are you upset?"


Po-Hsin Tseng said...

This reminds me of a book recommended by my English teacher,"You Never Know". I haven't got a chance to read it yet, but I will try to.

localki said...

Dear Tseng: