Life of P

When the pimples crept back onto my face, I know I, whether I like it or not, am reconnected to the environment in which I grew up ; when I can’t help feeling depressed several hours before returning to the military base, I know I have embarked on my real journal as a soldier, which everybody is not very happy to be.

I was drafted on February 20. Absurdly, I was “lucky“ enough to be suspected of having TB and thus led a four-stars-general-like life for a month— at the cost of being injected with antibiotics for seven days in the hospital prior to my quarantine, though. Well, that wasn’t too bad considering that the Ministry of Defense paid my medical bill because I am a soldier; that my insurance company reimburse me again for the same bill because I am sick. So I ended up earning 250 dollars in the end. Leisure time and extra money, what else can a soldier ask for?

It’s widely known that one’s brain would swiftly regress to the same level as that of humanoid during the army. After all, you would only be thought to be bumptious (too proud of yourself) if you think one plus one is two. The catastrophe hasn’t happened to me yet so far because I have been working very hard to drive the vessel against the current. Again, I should give the TB credit for it. I ‘ve wracked up a list of book I read during this month: The Great Brain, Life of Pi, The Great Gatsby, Emma, What Your First Grader Needs to Know, and several essays about personal philosophies from remarkable men and women. Some of them are read only briefly. But that’s enough for me. Again, what else can you expect from a soldier?

Oh, push ups, I hear you asking. That’s right. Not a single day goes by that I forgot my responsibilities as a soldier to protect my great country from invasion. So after self-training day after day, I can now do push-ups up to 50 times per time. Well, what can you expect from a solider, a Taiwanese soldier?

All of these seem to come to an end. Several hours later, I will return to the place where birds or whatever animals don’t even condescend to laying their drops. Well, I know this sentence is a cliché, but isn’t this is just the very thing you could expect from my life?

Well dear readers, that’ all for now. See you next time.

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